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The Fragments series started in 1989, and is comprised of photographically based two- and three-dimensional photographic constructions that speak to the element of time in relationship to the land. The presence of time may be manifest in various forms:

  geologic - as seen in the stratification of a canyon or gorge through erosion or faulting;

pre-historic - as seen through archeological remains;

historic - marking the events that led to our current settlement patterns;

biological - recording time as it measures a life cycle;

seasonal - in the changing vegetation and weather;

or the instantaneous - speaking to the evanescent progression of one moment of sight, or insight, to the next and the ever-changing character of place .

These bas relief constructions use multiple black & white photographs and involve a variety of additional media which may include metal-based toners, bleach, oil paint, gouache, color pencil, graphite and text transfers. The scale varies from a moderate 16” X 20” to a larger 42” X 60”.

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